The Beginner's Guide to Microschooling

Getting Started as a Prenda Guide

🤩 Prioritizing Personalization

The next basic human need is competence. We need to feel like we can do what we need to do well. The path to competence in education is prioritizing personalization.  

For the last 100+ years, educators have been focused on building systems and curricula that assume children should be treated as a collective instead of as unique individuals. Now, we have millions of students sitting in classrooms where much of their time is spent learning things they already know or trying to learn things they aren't quite ready to learn.

Most educational systems are built on the assumption that there is one right destination and one right way to get there. At Prenda, we assume there are many ways to learn and many valuable destinations. When you protect each student's right to personalized learning, you will see incredible academic growth, high engagement, enthusiasm, and joy. 

At Prenda, we prioritize personalization through mastery-based and inquiry-led learning. As a Prenda guide, you'll help each of your students chart their path toward their personal destination. 

Later on in your guide training, we'll go over how to implement Prenda's learning model so you can provide a personalized learning experience to your students. 

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