The Beginner's Guide to Microschooling

Getting Started as a Prenda Guide

πŸ˜„ Next Steps

That's it! Thanks for taking the time to learn more about microschools and how easy it is to start your own! Here are some helpful next steps.

Start a microschool with Prenda

If you're ready to start exploring the idea of partnering with Prenda, click this big blue button. 

You'll create a Prenda World account and access the set-up checklist, community, and further training. You'll also have a dedicated Microschool Specialist and a Guide Coach who will be happy to answer your questions and walk you through getting started! Remember- you never pay Prenda anything as a guide, so there's really nothing to lose if you're interested in exploring this idea. 

Keep learning!

Want to keep learning about microschools and empowered learning? Here are some ideas...

πŸ’‘Visit the KindlED Empowerment Hub for recommended resources.

πŸ’‘Check out The KindlED Podcast for interesting conversations about education and parenting.

πŸ’‘Follow us on social media for daily inspiration about how to interact with kids in empowering ways.

πŸ’‘Join The Kindled Collective, a Facebook group for parents and educators who are creating more joy and peace at home and more cooperation in the classroom. 

Thanks for joining me!

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