The Beginner's Guide to Microschooling

Getting Started as a Prenda Guide

📜 Logistics

Ok, now let's discuss logistics! How does this all work? 

Let's Talk About Location

Microschools meet in a wide variety of settings like churches, rented spaces, or homes. 78% of new Prenda microschools launched in the 2022-23 school year were started in homes. Rules around meeting in homes will vary by state, but it usually isn't an issue. 

Your location doesn't need to be large or fancy. It just needs to be clean, organized, and welcoming. 

Prenda doesn't provide locations, but we can help you think through creative options and help you network to find a location if your home won't work. 

Some examples of successful microschool locations include homes, churches, rented community spaces, dance studios, farms, forests, etc.


Let's Talk About Funding

Remember, guiding with Prenda doesn't cost you anything as the guide. Parents pay to participate in the program; part of this payment comes to Prenda and part of it goes to you. The Prenda fee for the 2023-24 school year is $2,199. You're in charge of deciding what you will charge each student on top of the Prenda fee. This is your guide fee. The average guide fee is between $3,500 and $3,900 per student per year, but you can charge more or less depending on your experience, state, and the needs of your community.

Depending on what state you're in, available funding options for your families vary. 

Option 1: State Scholarship Programs (or ESA)

A State Scholarship Program (sometimes called an Empowerment Scholarship Account depending on what state you're in) is a way for parents to receive a portion of the funds that the state would have spent on their child if they were enrolled in public school. The only downside to accepting this funding is that students will not be eligible for special education services if needed (but they can qualify for additional funding if they have documented educational needs). In most states that have an ESA, this funding is enough to cover the cost of Prenda and the average guide fee so parents don't pay anything out of pocket. It's awesome!  

If you are in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Utah, or West Virginia, parents can or will soon be able to access state scholarship funds to pay for at least part of their microschool experience. We're working on getting Prenda up and running with these programs. Details vary by state! If you want your state to pass this legislation, get involved in your local school choice movement. 

Want more information? Find your state's page on or check out Ed-Choice's State-By-State School Choice Index. 

Option 2: Direct Pay

Parents pay out of pocket, but Prenda still handles invoicing and financial processing for you.


Let's Talk About Safety

Student safety is the number 1 most important thing to think about when starting a microschool. 

Making sure people are safe: Every Prenda guide, as well as any adult who will be at the location, must pass a criminal background check. Prenda will facilitate this for you when you create a Prenda World account and sign your platform agreement. We also pay for the cost of your background check. It takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Making sure your location is safe: What kind of environmental hazards might be present at your location? Busy roads? Unfenced pools? Aggressive animals? Alcohol, cleaning supplies, weapons? Think through these things and make a plan. Communicate clearly with parents about drop-off and pick-up procedures. 

Making sure the internet is safe: Prenda uses many online tools, and this means kids will have internet access. We provide internet monitoring while kids are logged into their email addresses; however, we highly recommend installing an internet safety device at the router level to ensure kids are safe online. 

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