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Is your child thriving at school? If the answer is no, then this event is for you! 

Join us at Beale Celebrations on May 13 from 4-7 p.m. to learn about K-8 school options your child will love. We’ll introduce you to the concept of microschooling and Prenda microschools, tight-knit communities of about 5-10 learners each led by an inspiring, caring adult called a “guide.” Plus, you’ll discover just how easy it is to find a microschool near you or how you can start and run an amazing microschool in your community. 

At this event, you’ll: 

  • hear from Prenda’s founder, Kelly Smith;
  • learn if a microschool is right for your child;
  • get help filling out the Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) application, which will allow you to use tax dollars to pay for a microschool;
  • connect with other like-minded parents looking for K-8 options their child will love and thrive in.
  • enjoy FREE mini sandwiches, chicken and cheese flautas, crostinis, charcuterie, fruit & more

Please fill out the form below so we know how many people are expected to come. This event is completely FREE!

Prenda helps every kid love learning again. We do this by giving caring adults everything they need to start and run microschools in their communities. Our proven learning model helps young learners engage deeply and master skills at their own pace and level.

Special Guest and Speaker ✨

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Kelly Smith,  CEO & Founder of Prenda Microschools

Kelly Smith has been obsessed with learning and building things since childhood. After getting a master’s degree in nuclear fusion (MIT), Kelly held engineering and marketing roles at various technology companies. While volunteering at an afterschool code club at the library, he got excited about the power of self-learning. He started a microschool around his kitchen table in January 2018. He is the founder and CEO of Prenda (, an education company that helps people run microschools out of their homes. Kelly lives in Mesa, Arizona with his wife and four children.