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Everything you need to know about Microschools

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The Beginner's Guide to Microschooling 

Discover the magic of microschooling. This is the fastest way to understand the science behind Prenda and the practical logistics of guiding a microschool.

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Prenda's curriculum and guide tools overview

Get a comprehensive look into how you can partner with Prenda to create learning environments that promote social and emotional well-being and academic growth.

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"I was unsure about leaving my job and pulling my kids from public school. I was nervous that I didn't have what it took to teach, and leaving the only system I knew seemed scary and crazy.
We made the jump, and I started a microschool! My students love coming to school to the point that going home is the most challenging transition. Thank you to Prenda for offering this life-changing experience."
- Heather, Prenda parent and guide