How do we do it? 

At Prenda, we are all about empowering learners. We are obsessed with helping kids learn how to learn. In our model students take responsibility for their own learning, unlock their potential, and see amazing results.  

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What is Prenda?

Prenda in Florida

We are a tuition-free learning experience that empowers individuals like you, called Guides, to lead world-class microschools for K-8 students. 

Microschools are made up of 5-10 students, in grades spanning from K-8. The learning that takes place is project-based, mastery-focused, and empowers each student to progress at their own pace. In Florida, we are excited to partner with Sunshine Education Network to bring Prenda Microschools to Florida. This exciting opportunity is available to all K-8 Florida students that are eligible for the Step Up Scholarship.

Prenda Guides are coaches and mentors that support, nurture, and encourage a child’s natural love of learning. They are caring parents or community members who come from a variety of professional backgrounds, enjoy working with children, and want to make a difference in their community by running a Prenda Microschool.


A microschool consists of 5-10 Kindergarten-8th Grade students who meet in a comfortable setting, often a home, led by a Prenda Guide.


Guides are caring adults that coach and encourage students in their learning. They create a safe and engaging environment for students to come as they are and thrive.

Personalized Learning

We recognize that each student is unique, and their learning should be too! Students progress at their own pace, and are encouraged to pursue topics that interest them.

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