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Building Buzz: Effective Marketing Techniques for Microschool Child Recruitment

Embark on a journey from envisioning your microschool to filling your living room with eager learners! Join us as we delve into the art and science of marketing strategies tailored specifically for microschool child recruitment.


During the webinar, you’ll learn how to:

Craft your microschool identity. Discover how to establish a unique and compelling brand for your microschool that resonates with both parents and students.

Leverage your digital presence. Uncover the secrets of creating a strong online presence, mastering social media, websites, and digital marketing to attract parents and showcase the educational excellence of your microschool.

Target your outreach and engage with your community. Explore effective methods for reaching and engaging your target audience within your community. From hosting events to collaborating with local organizations, we'll guide you through strategies that foster community involvement.

Use storytelling for impact. Understand the power of storytelling to develop an emotional connection with potential students and their parents and highlight the unique and enriching experiences your microschool offers.

Communicate with parents effectively. Learn how to address their concerns and spotlight the benefits of enrolling their children in your microschool.

Build trust through referral programs and word-of-mouth marketing. Find out how to boost your microschool’s credibility and attract families with these tried-and-true marketing tactics.

Whether you're in the planning stages or have already opened your doors, this webinar equips you with actionable insights and proven strategies to ensure your microschool not only thrives academically but flourishes in student recruitment. 

Don't miss this opportunity to turn your microschool vision into a vibrant educational reality! 

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Your guest speakers

Clay Cone
Microschool Specialist
Lashana Harney
Content Marketing Manager

Kids deserve to love school... and so do you!

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"I was unsure about leaving my job and pulling my kids from public school. I was nervous that I didn't have what it took to teach, and leaving the only system I knew seemed scary and crazy.
We made the jump, and I started a microschool! My students love coming to school to the point that going home is the most challenging transition. Thank you to Prenda for offering this life-changing experience."
- Heather, Prenda parent and guide